Steve Simmerman LIVE at MODEX!

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Who: Steve Simmerman
What: Senior Vice President, Business Development
Where: TZA

Discussion topics:

1. TZA “empowers” its customers. But what does that really mean?

2. Despite technology and innovation, why does a “high performance culture” still matter?

3. How do you integrate the software work you do, verses the process change you do as well…

4. Share your perspective on the lack of skilled labor in the industry…and how is that impacting the industry.

5. What does becoming a “preferred employer” really mean? Are we talking about accountability?

6. How does all of this conversation result in reduced costs?

7. How critical is the collection (and analysis) of big data in all of this?


Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 5.54.58 PMThis episode brought to you by PCDATA: A developer, manufacturer and implementer of warehouse optimization and tracking and tracing solutions, specialized in light picking solutions. They pride themselves on their original concepts and designs. They are a one-stop shop solutions provider for those seeking to optimize their warehouse productivity and order pick accuracy.

This was recorded LIVE at MODEX!

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