TODD SCHNICK With over twenty years in business, media, and politics, Todd has plenty of battle scars. With an early career as a national political operative, then starting six companies, to hosting thousands of interviews on the radio, Todd’s work as a business and media strategist comes with a unique collection of experiences in the trenches. A distance runner, writer, and speaker, Todd lives with his family in Brookhaven, Georgia. EMAIL TODD

TODD YOUNGBLOOD Todd’s curiosity has been a core characteristic of his nearly 40 years in sales, executive management, entrepreneurship and consulting. His genetic “need to know more” enables his radio guests to articulate the heart of the value they and their organizations deliver. EMAIL TODD

Todd Schnick and Todd Youngblood, LIVE in Orlando

Todd Schnick and Todd Youngblood, LIVE in Orlando

MIKE HABERMAN Mike has parlayed his natural curiosity into a career as an HR professional, entrepreneur, consultant and academic. He loves to talk to people about what they do and how their businesses work. He has interviewed thousands of people from all walks of life and has found them all interesting. He has been a wrestler, rugby player and triathlete… with an emphasis on the “try.” EMAIL MIKE

Business-owner by day, BILL RAMSEY’S secret identity is Hunter/Gatherer of Stories. His curiosity has led him through pursuits in Ministry, Photography, Writing, Speaking, and Salesmanship. Along the way, Bill has gleaned an exotic collection of insights from his wildly diverse encounters. Bill lives in Canton, GA, with his first girlfriend/wife of 14 years, and 3 entrepreneurial kids. He brushes his hair with a safety razor, he listens more than he talks, and his is very, very literate. EMAIL BILL

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