Georgia Association of Manufaturers

Georgia Association of Manufacturers

Since its founding in 1900, the Georgia Association of Manufacturers (GAM) has represented the interests of Georgia manufacturers before the Georgia General Assembly, the Georgia Public Service Commission, and other state agencies. GAM helps its member companies address the issues most critical to their profitability while also providing them education and networking support. From its origins in the textile industry and its former identity as the Georgia Textile Manufacturers Association (GTMA), GAM has steadily broadened the scope and diversity of its membership so that today it represents a wide cross-section of manufacturing industries across Georgia. While its mission has remained constant over the years, GAM has continued to expand the number and complexity of issues it addresses.

GAM contributes to the profitability of manufacturers in Georgia through leadership in advocacy and education on matters that affect global competitiveness. The Association proactively represents its members with integrity, credibility and competence.