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Speaking of folks who live at the leading edge of manufacturing technology, today’s guests from Georgia Tech’s Manufacturing Institute are shining examples.  We were delighted to welcome Tina Guldberg, the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Ben Wang the Executive Director.   The wide range of topics we covered reflects both the breadth of GA Tech’s research and offerings and the broad interests of Tina and Ben.


  1. There is indeed a U.S. manufacturing revival!  Hear how lower energy, production and transportation costs along with surging productivity are making it happen.
  2. Dumb, dirty and dangerous?  Maybe in the past, but manufacturing today is anything but.
  3. Learn about the vast array of federal, state and private industry partnerships benefiting from GA Tech’s expertise.
  4. Learn how you can get value from those partnerships
  5. Additive Manufacturing (aka 3D Printing) is only one of many technologies serving as a fountain of innovation.  The medical applications alone are well… mind-blowing!  (There’s also robotics, nano-tech and…)

For us, the most fascinating part of the conversation centered on prosthetics.  You will not want to miss hearing about the latest advances, including use of customized sensors to detect and adjust for temperature, humidity, pressure and other factors.

The bottom line on this interview?  Wow!!!


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