Rame-Hart manufacturers egg harvesters and inoculators used to develop flu-vaccines that help save lives every year

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If you have ever had a flu shot, then there is a good chance that in a small way you are connected to our next guest. We welcomed to the show Butch Rich, Director of Operations with Rame-Hart. Rame-Hart began as a design and build machine shop and today has evolved into a leading manufacturer of Egg Harvesters and Inoculators. It is these Harvesters and Inoculators that are the backbone of the flu-vaccine industry.


1.  Why should you care about egg inoculators.

2. How important is precision when handling thousands of eggs a day?

3. Who are Ramé-Hart’s primary customers?

4. Are the inoculators custom built?

5. Butch discusses his journey from the plant floor to his current position.

6. We discuss the need for innovation.

7.  The importance of investing in R&D.

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