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October 13, 2014

John D’Agostino: Eliminate the waste from that business process!

This last interview I had the privilege of conducting at Definity University was a true capstone.  John D’Agostino, Managing Partner with Definity Partners wrapped up so many perspectives into a neat, understandable package. The story about the financial services company alone is worth the listen! SHOW NOTES: A day in the life of Managing Partner …

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July 30, 2014

Charlie Szoradi and LED Lighting: Transforming the energy revolution

[Reading via email? CLICK HERE to listen now!] Charlie Szoradi is the Chairman and CEO of Independence LED Lighting, an award-winning U.S. manufacturer of LED tubes and fixtures. Independence LED’s products meet the “”Buy America”” standards, and are produced at the company’s plant in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Independence LED was awarded the 2013 “”Best Lighting Retrofit”” …

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July 19, 2014

Tom Croteau: Creating GA jobs & attracting investments

Tom Croteau, Deputy Commissioner for Global Commerce, Georgia Department of Economic Development.  Tom leads Georgia’s Global Commerce team to increase jobs and investment through locating and expanding businesses, as well as growing small businesses. SHOW NOTES The importance of  helping the 60 person company grow into a 100 person company The value of cooperation among …

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April 22, 2014

David Tennant LIVE from MODEX!

Reading via email? CLICK HERE to listen now! WHO: David Tennant WHAT: President WHERE: Winward Consulting Group Today’s discussion topics: 1. We discuss “managerial” issues, what those are, and what that means for an organization. 2. What are the driving forces that cause those issues, such as for example, poor communication. 3. How administrative distractions …

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April 18, 2014

Steve Simmerman LIVE at MODEX!

Reading via email? CLICK HERE to listen now! Who: Steve Simmerman What: Senior Vice President, Business Development Where: TZA Discussion topics: 1. TZA “empowers” its customers. But what does that really mean? 2. Despite technology and innovation, why does a “high performance culture” still matter? 3. How do you integrate the software work you do, …

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April 18, 2014

Aaron Lamb LIVE at MODEX!

Reading via email? CLICK HERE to listen now. WHO: Aaron Lamb TITLE: General Manager ORGANIZATION: Lift ‘n Buddy Topics of discussion on today’s show: 1. We discuss the role innovation plays at Lift ‘n Buddy, and what’s driving innovation in the industry. 2. We talk about all the applications of Lift ‘n Buddy’s technology, and …

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April 17, 2014

Tim Floyd LIVE from MODEX!

Who: Tim Floyd What: National Sales Director, Material Handling Specialist Where: Trilogiq Discussion topics: 1. As diverse in manufacturing as Trilogiq is, we discuss how they and the industry share best practices, where rising tides lift all boats. And how they learns things in one industry, and share it with other industries. 2. What are …

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April 14, 2014

Dianne Zimnavoda of RCF Technologies

[Reading via email? Click here to listen now] Joined by Dianne Zimnavoda, CEO + President of RCF Technologies, Inc. Ms. Zimnavoda has worked with RCF since its inception in 1975. There is no aspect of the business that she has not been involved with. Under her leadership, the company moved from a gross income of …

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April 11, 2014

Steve Leavitt: How cloud computing will really impact small business manufacturing

[Reading this via email? CLICK HERE to listen now!] Who: Steve Leavitt What: General Manager Where: Cloud Solutions US, for Exact Software Why you should listen: With regards to cloud computing, find out what the future holds for small busines manufacturing and wholesale distributors! Learn more about Exact! Learn more about Steve: Steve Leavitt is …

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April 9, 2014

Seegrid’s David Heilman LIVE at MODEX!

WHO: David Heilman TITLE: Chief Administrative Officer ORGANIZATION: Seegrid David walks us through the “Guided by Seegrid” program, which includes tools and training, and shares some of the feedback they’ve been receiving. We also explore some of the almost endless applications of the Seegrid AGV product line, as well as the real impacts of the …

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