A pleasure to welcome Chris Anderson to the show! Chris is the Editor-in-Chief of Wired Magazine, best-selling author of The Long Tail and Free.

Chris AndersonBut today, he joins us to talk about his latest work, Makers: The New Industrial Revolution.


1. “If I can run a factory…anybody can.”

2. What is the Makers movement? “The web generation meets the real world.”

3. “A new innovation model has been born…”

4. What are some of the new technologies that are going to make this happen?

Chris Anderson5. Can the average guy on the street get access to these new tools, or more importantly, have an understanding of what is really possible?

6. “The file menu goes from saying print, to now saying make.”

7. How can a traditional, bricks-n-mortar manufacturer tap into this Makers movement?

8. Open source, open hardware, and the patent/copyright issues that may crop up…

9. The web ended the monopoly of mass media. Now, the mass manufacturing monopoly may be ending too.

10. Chris references the following during the broadcast: GeekDad, DIY Drones, and MFG.com.

11. You can purchase Chris’ book here (affiliate link):


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