Dan St. Louis, Executive Director of the Manufacturing Solutions Center

Today we welcomed Dan St Louis, Executive Director of the Manufacturing Solution Center. The Manufacturing Solutions Center (MSC) strives to help its clients increase sales, improve quality and efficiency. By achieving these goals the MSC helps American Manufacturers create and retain valuable jobs.


1. Discussed how the Manufacturing Solution Center was created out of need for better testing.

2. Learn how manufacturers can expand production cababilities

3. Value of proper testing methods

4. Ability to manufacturer across multiple industries can increase sales

5. How to test products more efficiently

6. More production often equals jobs

7. Learn more about The Manufacturing Solutions Center by clicking here

8. Visit Dan St. Louis on LinkedIn by clicking here

9.  The MSC is an initiative of Catawba Valley Community College in Hickory, NC. Please take a moment to visit their site to learn more about this unique community college and the resources they are providing.

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