You have to spend money to make money!!

We always jump at the chance to talk about one of our favorite subjects, CASH!! Today we welcomed Dave Kocarhook, Senior Vice President with Midland American Capital. Midland America provides working capital to businesses based upon leveraging assets.  These assets often include Accounts Receivable or Purchase Orders. I can speak from my personal experience as a financial auditor that for many growing businesses that cash flow can often be a main hindrance to immediate growth. Today Dave was able to clarify just how Midland American is able to assist businesses with resolving their cash flow headaches.  

It’s all about communication

While Dave went into detail about Midland’s various services, one question immediately arose.  How will my customers feel about my outsourcing accounts receivable?  Fortunately this is a common concern that Dave handles everyday.  Dave explained to us that it is all about communicating with your clients with the key being able to properly position your actions.  Once again, it is all about open


We really learned a lot about the benefits and services that Midland American offers.  Take a moment to listen to the entire interview and hear Dave explain how Midland American can help your business grow.

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