Announcement: New Seminar Alert: How Can We Make Manufacturing “Enticing”?

Karin Lindner

Karin Lindner

MRR contributor Karin Lindner has created a book overflowing with tools and resources to share with everyone regardless of age, career, stage of life or background – we can all change and we all have the capacity to create positive change within our immediate circle of influence that will tremendously impact the big picture!

Please come and attend this inspiring and game changing full-day seminar.

Karin is determined to inspire any person or company that has the willingness to overcome functional blindness to see the opportunities. You will recognize the need of a new tool set, a new skill set and a whole new way of thinking in this manufacturing era. Imagine what this will take? We have to change the lens through which we view the world.

Click here for details on Karin’s seminar.

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