You want someone who speaks your language

Whether it’s French, German, English or the universal language of Engineering and Automation, our guest today is able to help.  We took a moment with Gary Laev, President of Electrical Mechanical Drives (EMD), to learn just how EMD serves it’s customers by speaking their language.  Gary explained to us how he had been fascinated by technology and design since childhood.  As we learned more and more about EMD it quickly became apparent that his childhood fascination has never been fully sated.

You have the parts, but do they get along?

Working within varying industries such as food processing, medical, custom metal design, water processing, etc.  We learned that EMD has the technical skills to properly tie together all of the components that go into robotics applications and other complex automated systems.  Want an example?  How about developing a system for opening concrete doors that stand 60 feet tall and 100 feet wide?  In Gary’s own words, that is a basically a vertical moving highway!  Or how about utilizing EMD’s application engineering experience to double the production of a dog food processing plant!

Throughout the interview Gary explains in depth all of the processes and communication that is necessary to successfully complete projects such as the above mentioned.  The only way that you can hear about this and Gary’s thoughts on the future of Manufacturing is to download the entire interview.  This is a truly fun and fascinating interview that will leave you wanting more.

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