Excited to welcome Jim Logue, the President of Therm-Omega-Tech, Inc., to the show.

[from their website] As a world leader in the design and manufacture of self-actuating temperature control valves for more than 25 years. We serve a multitude of industries and, as a result, our valves create solutions for a wide gamut of applications. Therm-Omega-Tech, Inc. has been the standard for the rail industry for over 25 years protecting billions of dollars of equipment every year.

therm omega tech


1. Jim, a former CPA by trade, ended up President of a manufacturer. He discusses the transition into that role, and makes the case that any good business person can thrive in manufacturing!

2. Jim, and Therm-Omega-Tech, is a big advocate of lean manufacturing, and he discusses their lean journey.

3. Founded to serve the North American railroad market, Therm has recently transitioned into industrial. Jim discusses this evolution, and the strategy behind it. There is strength in diversifying your product lines, including getting into the OEM market.

4. Despite being a traditional manufacturing, serving some established markets, they are evolving their go-to-market strategy to keep up with the modern age of sales and marketing.

5. Jim goes deeper on lean manufacturing, indicating that it is less about cutting waste, and more about culture. And you won’t believe how it has increased revenues…

6. Jim talks about the resurgence of American manufacturing, and what Therm did to buck the trends and thrive through the economic downtown.

7. 95% of the material produced by Therm is made on-site in their plant. Jim discusses why this is so, and why this is important to the future growth of the company.

8. Jim talks about the struggle to find talent to fill jobs with the right skills and knowledge, and what they do to train members of their team…including implementing a significant internship program.

9. You can learn more about Therm-Omega-Tech here.


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