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Joel Hans, Managing Editor of

We found the perfect guest to help us kick start a new year of Manufacturing Revival Radio.  This week we welcome Joel Hans, Managing Editor for is a leading source for news and information for all things Manufacturing.  Joel shared with us the goals of and also provided some insight into what to expect in Manufacturing for 2013. is an amazing resource for professionals looking for the latest industry news.  Joel explained to us how his publication utilizes a wide range of sources in order to provide a constant stream of new and insightful content.  We were intrigued to hear about how also houses a team of writers who are constantly working on exclusive in-depth articles focused emerging trends and relevant issues that affect today’s Manufacturers.  

What to expect in 2013?

As our conversation turned towards what to expect for 2013 Joel expounded upon some of the trends he expects for 2013.  One common theme that has the potential to be a game-changer to US Manufacturing is the reshoring of many companies foreign operations.  Download the interview to listen to Joel discuss how the possible reshoring of some leading consumer electronics manufacturers could play a significant role in bringing attention to Manufacturing’s Revival in 2013!

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