A big welcome to John Weber, President of Software Toolbox. Software Toolbox is a one stop shop for industrial automation software for all project stages from conception through completion. Today John discussed how his experience as a field engineer and the Director of Marketing with an automation firm allowed him recognize that there was a need in the industry. Thus, Software Toolbox was born!

Fixing the pain

John Weber, President of Software Toolbox

John Weber, President of Software Toolbox

While working with an automation distributor, John encountered a plethora of mid level software solutions that were needed to fully complete the picture. While all of these products existed, the infrastructure to make the purchasing easy from the customer view did not. Software toolbox provides a one stop source for customers looking for innovative software solutions in an organized and customer friendly format with world class support

What’s the return on investment?

We all love to hear success stories, and today John stunned us with one of his own.  You have to take a moment to listen to the interview to hear John describe how a $2,500 software investment helped save a client over $21 million dollars!  That’s right, I’ll leave it to you to work the numbers out, but needless to say what an incredible story of value and precision solutions.

We also want to take a moment thank our guest host today Mr. Bob Lowe who is the Executive Director of the Control System’s Integrator Association (CSIA).  You can learn more about Mr. Lowe and CSIA by clicking here and here.

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