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Streamlined Instructions Equals less Downtime

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Martin Tauber of AdvancePierre Foods

It’s not every day somebody tells us that we could be trusted to work on Advanced Machinery. However, that is the confidence that our guest Martin Tauber, Maintenance/ Production Trainer with AdvancePierre Foods, feels about the instructions he is able to provide.  AdvancedPierre is a large organization specializing in High Protein foods that can be found in many Grocery stores, School Cafeterias, and food retailers.

Martin has been in the Maintenance field for over 30 years.  During that time Martin shared with us that he realized there were some major gaps regarding training, instruction and maintenance manuals relating to machine operations and maintenance.   About 6 years ago Martin began writing his own manuals and AdvancedPierre recognized the value that his manuals added and made it his full time gig.  Martin explained that through his streamlined training and documentation his organization has been Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 5.52.22 PMable to document a reduction of downtime by eliminating common setup issues and other minor problems.  

Single Point Lessons

Martin described to us what is commonly in the field referred to as “single point lesson,” an instruction that is tied to one specific operation of a machine.  We found it fascinating to hear Martin describe the detail that goes into developing a single point lesson.  Take a listen to the interview to hear Martin describe training and detail necessary to properly write these very precise instructions.  We really just scratch the surface as this discussion is chocked full of fun stories and valuable lessons that Martin has learned over his 30 years.  We highly recommend that you download the entire interview for your own listening pleasure.

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