Mike Collins, Author and Founder of MPC Management

Experience is an asset earned over time

Today we had the opportunity to speak with Mike Collins, Author and Founder of MPC Management. With over 40 years in the Manufacturing industry, authorship of 3 books and over 300 published Manufacturing focused articles Mike is a treasure-trove of Manufacturing knowledge. During our discussion today we focused on two specific topics discussed in Mike’s book “Saving American Manufacturing

Manufacturers Must Diversify

According to Mike American Manufacturing is at a stalemate. Manufacturers simply are not growing and sales are stagnant.  Mike walked us through his two key items that must be analyzed before any manufacturer can invest in a plan for growth.  Mike explained that in order to have a successful growth plan, a manufacturer must first figure out why they are losing sales and secondly able to identify what competitive value the are offering their markets.  

We Must Start Training for the Future

For the second part of today’s show we dove head first into a recurring issue on MRR.  How can we improve the growing issue of workforce development for manufacturers going forward. Want to hear Mike’s solution?  We need to place a new emphasis on the apprentice programs of the past. Mike was kind enough to provide an in-depth explanation and statistics to really expose the bare-bones of this issue. With whom does the responsibility lay for improving our training programs? Is it the private sector or public sector’s? Who needs to take the lead and invest the time and money to find this solution?  Take a moment and listen to the entire interview to hear Mike’s opinions on this ever increasing issue.

Want to learn more about Mike’s Books?  You can find all three books for sale at the MPC Management Website or purchase from Amazon by clicking below:

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