Nigel Southway, Chair of the Toronto Chapter of Society of Manufacturing Engineers

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When you are at War, You Change the Rules to Win

We are excited to announce our very first repeat guest on Manufacturing Revival Radio.  A big thanks to Nigel Southway, Chair of the Toronto Chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, for sharing his time and insights with us.  Lately we have been hearing a lot about Reshoring and the optimism that surrounds it for American Manufacturing.  As Nigel informed us, our neighbors to the North are sharing the same optimism for Canadian Manufacturing.  Today’s conversation was focused specifically on the gap that currently exist in the skilled workforce necessary to fully bring Manufacturing back.

We Capitalize Equipment, Why not Education

Nigel walked us through his concept of a “Fully Integrated Apprenticeship Program.”  As an individual who went through a similar program in the 1960’s, Nigel is a living example of the success that such a program can offer.  During our discussion we cover the who, what, why, and how’s of implementing such a program successfully.  We discuss who responsible for providing such programs.  Is it Government, Education Systems, Private Sector, or a combination of all three?
Nigel pointed out that in North America it’s time to change our mindset about investing in labor.

We covered so much information during our interview that it is impossible to highlight even a tenth of it here.  Please do yourself a favor and listen to this entire fascinating discussion.

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