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Todd Hockenberry of Top Line Results

It’s up to you to earn their attention

We are keeping the momentum moving in 2013 and are excited to release the latest episode of Manufacturing Revival Radio.  Today we had the opportunity to gain insight into the mind of Todd Hockenberry, President and owner of Top Line Results.  Top Line Results uses proven marketing and sales strategies to increase revenue.  With a focus on manufacturing, technology, and capital equipment companies Todd was able to provide some valuable advice about beginning a successful inbound marketing strategy.

For those not familiar with the terminology “inbound marketing” Todd provided the perfect analogy, “It’s the difference between magnets and a microphone”.  The days of grabbing a microphone and hoping that somebody happens to be listening is over.  In today’s age companies no longer need to be “pushing” their products, instead they need to be “pulling” the attention of prospective clients.  How do you achieve this pull?  Well as Todd explained, inbound marketing utilizes a combination of tools such as blogs, podcasting, social media to develop a relationship with individuals.  

More sales with less proposals

Throughout the interview Todd provided us with real examples of successful inbound marketing campaigns.  Take a listen to hear Todd explain how one  tlr_logocompany was able to decrease their marketing budget and increase sales, all while putting together less quotes then the previous year.  Talk about a gain in efficiency!

Scared to write a blog?  Take a moment to listen to the entire interview and hear how anyone can write a successful blog.  We really covered a lot of valuable information about why you should be thinking about inbound marketing in 2013.

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